noun: pillar; plural noun: pillars

a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.
“he was a pillar of his local community”
synonyms: stalwart, mainstay, strength, tower of strength, bastion, rock; leading light, worthy

Our Mission
Providing sound and credible advice to meet your individual educational goals.


Pillar Education was established in May 2012 to provide assistance to international students from all over the world to further their studies in Australia.

Since its inception in 2012, the company has effectively assisted international students in identifying and completing their course of studies successfully in Australia. Most of our students have either gained employment in their professions or settled in Australian as permanent residents.

Pillar Education is an educational counselling firm based in Sydney, Australia. Though the age of the company is still young but the two founders are well known faces in the industry and have gained trust from many students from different countries.

We work closely with most of the Australian schools and education providers to offer a vast range of courses for international students to meet their educational needs and realise their dreams.

Over the past couple of years, we have been constantly and tirelessly extend our services to enable our students not only to further their studies in Australia but also Canada.

At Pillar Education, we respect every decision you make in determining your ultimate study path which will shape your future, therefore, we continuously strive to be an astute and truthful sounding board to you. This is what gains us the respect and trust from our clientele.

We continuously build up our network of associates across South East Asia countries and keep expanding the network to reach other continents.

Sydney Based

We are an Australian based company in Sydney, one of the most popular destinations for international students to come and study.

Known & Trusted

Our staff are all well-known faces in the industry & have gained trust from many clients.


Our staff have extensive knowledge and understanding about Australian education system and visa regulations.

Friendly & Professional

Our consultants are highly trained and possess sound knowledge about international student recruitment and student visa processes.

Wide Network

We keep growing our network of associates across South East countries and other countries.

Service Quality

We assist our students to identify their aspirations and devise a study plan that meets their educational expectations.