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Planning your future in Australia has never been so easy



We put you through your paces in choosing and deciding your education that opens a door to your dream.


Applying for a student visa can be a daunting process, therefore we will take care of your visa lodgement on your behalf.

International Money Transfer

Reasonable exchange rate for your tuition fee transfer.

Pillar Education

We promote the high quality education offered by Australian education providers. Our counselors have extensive experience in the education industry and possess sound understanding and knowledge about Australian education system and visa regulations.

We assist our clients in organizing their desired education plan starting from high school to University. Our counselors play a vital role in assisting you to determine the right vocation that will give you the cutting edge adeptness.

We do not decide what your best education is but we will certainly guide you through your decision making process.

We provide sound and creditable advice that meets your educational goals. We level with your educational needs.

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